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  A Tour of the Ear
  Our sense of hearing is a product of an amazingly complex system that converts sound from air pressure to mechanical vibration to neural impulses. This article is intended to outline the basic physiology and function of our hearing system from the outer ear to the inner ear. The outer ear consists of the pinna (the outside part of the ear that is visible) and the ear canal... Read the full article.
  The Audiogram Explained
  The purpose of this article is to help our clients understand the â��audiogramâ��, which is the graph that we use to chart the severity and the configuration of hearing loss. Often people wonder if it is possible to describe hearing loss in terms of a â��percentage of lossâ��. Unfortunately, there is not a simple number that can be applied to any given hearing loss... Read the full article.
  Auditory Processing Disorder
  When we consider how we hear, we think about the amazing complex function of the outer, middle and inner ear. However, the pathway that the auditory signal takes through the brainstem and up into the brain is even more complex and important for the processing of speech. A general term for difficulty with this pathway is Auditory Processing Disorder... Read the full article.
  Otoacoustic Emissions, A Sensitive Measure of Hearing Health
  Otocacoustic Emissions (OAEs) are sounds that are naturally produced by the activity of the inner ear. OAEs are present when there are healthy cells (called outer hair cells) in the hearing part of the inner ear called the cochlea. When there is damage or dysfunction of the hearing system in the cochlea, the outer hair cells to not produce measurable sounds, and this is associated with hearing loss... Read the full article
  Science of hearing
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