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Science of hearing
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Victoria - 250.370.2833
Sidney - 250.656.2218
Hearing testing
  Comprehensive Hearing Testing:
  Professional and thorough consultation concerning your hearing needs.
  Hearing tests by registered and experienced audiologists.
  Tinnitus matching.
  Otoacoustic Emission Testing.
  Central Auditory Processing.
  Hearing Protection:
  Ear defenders.
  Musician's attenuators.
  Swim molds.
  Sleep molds.
  Hearing Aids:
  Latest technology from all available manufacturers.
  Evaluation of your present hearing aid.
  Hearing Aid Repairs.
  Money back trial period on all hearing aids.
  Assistive Listening Devices:
  TV Listeners â�� FM and infrared.
  Amplified Telephones.
  Devices for large areas such as churches, halls and classrooms.
  Tinnitus Treatment
  Batteries And Accessories
  Thorough Follow Up And Assistance With All Purchases
  Conference Presentations And Seminars
  Schedule an Appointment:
  Our friendly staff will be happy to discuss your particular needs and schedule an appointment with one of our registered audiologists.
  Victoria BC, location - 250.370.2833
  Sidney BC, location - 250.656.2218
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