Custom Ear Plugs in Victoria & Saskatoon

Many people use ear plugs for a variety of reasons. Some might get ear plugs for sleeping, others to protect their hearing while at a music concert or loud work environment. However, the plugs you buy from a pharmacy are not suitable to some people who have more sensitive hearing, or partners that snore very loudly. That’s why we offer custom ear plugs for any type of noise reduction you could want.

Noise Reduction Ear Plugs

There are many other reasons why you might want noise reduction ear plugs, and why you might prefer custom made plugs. For example, you might be someone who participates in the following:

  • Shooting or hunting
  • Riding motorcycles
  • Working in a loud environment
  • Serving in the military or an emergency service

These are only some examples of loud activities that can lead to hearing loss. If you want to protect your hearing, our custom noise protection ear plugs will help preserve it during any loud work or activity.

Custom Earplugs for Sleeping

Do you work a night shift and have trouble sleeping during the day because of the noise the world makes? Does your partner snore very loudly? Are you just a very light sleeper that gets disturbed by slight sounds?

We carry custom sleep plugs that are specifically molded for your ears. That way fit comfortably and block more noise than disposable ear plugs ever could. Ask about our best noise cancelling ear plugs for sleeping today!

Swimming Ear Plugs

Do you or your children spend most of the summer in the pool? Do you often go swimming in public pools for exercise? There is a possibility that different bacteria and fungi in the water can be entering your ear. This can lead to an itchy, painful and potentially serious infection known as swimmer’s ear, but custom ear plugs help you avoid infections in your ear..

Generic plugs that you buy over the counter will always have small gaps or holes, where a custom molded set will conform your ears.

Musician Ear Plugs

We also make custom ear plugs for musicians and people who love to go to live concerts, where exposure to the sound can cause hearing damage over time. It is also one of the more common causes for tinnitus to develop.

Our custom fit ear plugs are great for musicians and concert enthusiasts alike, as the molding fits perfectly to your ear to reduce the noise and prevent damage to your hearing.

Get Your Custom Ear Plugs Today

Do you want to make sure you are protected from noise-induced hearing loss and ear infections? Contact us today to book an appointment for getting your custom fit ear plugs! It’s a quick and simple appointment to take a molding of your ears to make sure we make your plugs to fit perfectly and comfortably.

Get Custom Ear Plugs

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