Try Hearing Aids for One Week for FREE in Victoria & Sidney, BC

McNeill Audiology is dedicated to providing our clients on Vancouver Island with the best possible experience with their hearing aids. That means when you are shopping around for a new hearing aid, we want you to be able to take new and innovative hearing aid models for a test drive.

That means you get to try out the latest in hearing aid technology to see if they work better for you. That way you can see if you like them or not before you make a decision on what to buy.

How It Works

With our free one week test drive, you can test select hearing aid models that we have available. The hearing aids we have available for this demo changes over time, but they always represent the newest and most innovative hearing aid technology available.

Here’s how the process works:

  1. Come for a hearing test so we can determine the severity of your hearing loss
  2. We will recommend the best hearing aid model to try out
  3. We fit you with the hearing aid demo so you can take it home with you to use for one week
  4. You can take and use them however you want, and we encourage you to use it frequently in your normal daily activities to see how much it can help you
  5. When the week is over, you can choose to return the hearing aids and walk away without spending any money or you can purchase the hearing aids if you liked them

There are no obligations to buy the hearing aids at any point in the test drive, and no extra fees or costs. If you decide to purchase the hearing aids, you can choose the style and level of technology you want.

Am I Eligible for This Hearing Aid Demo?

We have three requirements to determine eligibility for our demo.

  1. You must have hearing loss. If your hearing is fine or if your hearing loss is too severe, the hearing aids would not be able to help you. However, we will always recommend an alternative solution to help. This is why we give you a comprehensive hearing test at the start of the process.
  2. You must be an adult. While we can provide hearing care services to children over the age of four, the hearing aids used in this test drive program are only sized for fully developed adults.
  3. We are unable to provide this test drive program to people who are eligible or applying for third-party coverage (e.g., WCB, DVA, NIHB, Supplemental Health). However, we can arrange for you to get eligible hearing aids through these programs, but through a separate process. Please contact us if you want to get hearing aid funding through any third-party.

Want to know if you or your loved one might be eligible? Click here to answer our hearing loss screening questionnaire.

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How Much Does It Cost?

There are two parts for our test drive program where our clients ask this question.

First, for the actual one week test period there is no cost. We do not charge for the first hearing test, or require a downpayment to take the hearing aids with you for the week, or charge any extra fees. If you return the hearing aids and decide not to buy them, you can walk away having not spent a single cent.

Second, for the hearing aids if you want to purchase them after the trial. The exact cost will vary depending on the specific hearing aid model, style, and level of technology that you choose. There may also be specials or discounts available for the hearing aid you choose.

Our clinicians will be better able to tell you an accurate price range at your first appointment, after we assess your hearing. Contact us for more information, or you can book your first appointment today!

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