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Hearing aids can be a life changer for people by themselves. However, you may find there are areas where your experience with them could be better. It’s impossible to make a single hearing aid able to help everyone with every possible situation. That’s why there are so many hearing aid accessories and assistive listening devices.

With them, you can enhance or add specific features that you want the most, without spending more on a hearing aid to have tons of features you don’t want at all. Whether it’s your hearing aid batteries, a carrying case to protect your hearing aids, or a special device to amplify specific sounds, we have every type of accessory you could want for your hearing aids.


The batteries for your hearing aids are nearly as important as the hearing aids themselves. A new battery will power your device for three to ten days before needing to be replaced. The lifespan on the battery will be determined by how you use it, how long it is working and the style of the aid.

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You can choose from a variety of hearing aid accessories that are specifically designed to make your life with hearing aids easier.
Here is a list of some accessories that we recommend to our clients:

Hearing Aid Case

It’s always good to have a protective case where you can store your hearing aids at times you don’t need or want to wear them. Hearing aid cases are made to keep them safe and clean, so they do not accumulate dust or debris by sitting out in the open.

Hearing Aid Remote Control

Using a hearing aid remote control helps you avoid having to remove your hearing aids from your ears every time you have to adjust the volume or other settings. They can come in a variety of sizes, some small enough to attach to your keychain so you always have them on you. Most new hearing aids can also use remote apps from your smartphone to act as a remote.

Hearing Aid Cleaning Kits

If you want to make sure your hearing aids last for a long time, it is important to regularly clean and maintain them. We can provide cleaning and maintenance for our clients, but you can also get cleaning and maintenance kits to do it at home yourself. These kits will include things like hearing aid brushes, threads for cleaning the tubes tubes, special wipes, and so on.

Hearing Aid Clips

Hearing aid clips can help you avoid losing your hearing aids because they fell out while you were in the middle of an activity. The clips are connected to a string that is attached to your hearing aids, which you can then clip onto your shirt. That way if they fall out while you’re being active — jogging, biking, playing golf, etc — they stay connected to you so you don’t lose them or step on them by accident.

Hearing Aid Charging Stations

For hearing aids that have built-in rechargeable batteries, they often come with special recharging stations. You just have to put the hearing aids into the station when you need to charge them, like overnight, and come back to them being ready to go after a couple of hours. The latest rechargeable hearing aids can get several hours’ worth of charge after only 30 minutes.


Assistive Listening Devices are made to enhance your hearing in specific ways, depending on the situation you are in. They are meant to help people who may find themselves in certain environments more frequently than most people and want to make sure they have the best possible hearing for them.
Here are some of the more popular examples that we get asked about:

Bluetooth Hearing Aid Streamers

If your hearing aid does not have direct Bluetooth connectivity as a feature, you can get a Bluetooth assistive listening device to do the job. It lets you stream sound directly to your hearing aids from certain devices that have a Bluetooth connection, such as your smartphone, TV, telephone, or music player.

FM Hearing System

FM hearing devices help amplify sound in situations that have a lot of background noise. FM listening systems look similar to a regular hearing amplification device, but help with your hearing in different environments.

For example, they are great for students or adults at work conferences. You can place a small transmitter with a microphone close to the subject you want to hear better — like a teacher or the podium with the speaker — and you then wear a small FM receiver that sends the sound to your hearing aids.

Hearing Aid Phone Streaming Device

Hearing aid phone streamers work similar to the TV device. They connect to your telephone, which then amplifies and sends the sound directly to your hearing aids. It makes taking phone calls much easier for people that have hearing aids. You don’t have to hold the phone right up to your ear and have your hearing aids get in the way. It also makes the direct sound much clearer.

Hearing Amplification Devices

Hearing amplification devices amplify sound for people who are hard of hearing. They work similar to hearing aids in that sense, but can be used by people who have very mild hearing loss, don’t want hearing aids, or don’t want to wear their hearing aids in certain situations.

They can also be used with your hearing aids to help amplify sound in situations where you need it. For example, it’s good for using in one-on-one conversations in a quiet environment. The issue with just using them instead of hearing aids is that they amplify all sound and don’t reduce background noise like hearing aids do.

TV Hearing Aid Devices

If you have a hearing aid and/or television that does not allow for direct sound streaming via Bluetooth, you can get an assistive listening device that can do the job. They work by connecting the device to your television’s sound system, which then transmits to your hearing aids for direct and clear sound.

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