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If you think you have hearing loss, and are showing some of the typical symptoms, it might be time to book a hearing test. Our team of hearing care professionals can give you a comprehensive hearing assessment to get a clear picture of your hearing health. After the test, we will go over the results with you to recommend the best solution to help you with your specific hearing needs.

Most audiologists recommend that clients with certain risk factors for hearing loss should get a hearing evaluated on an annual basis. Those risk factors include people living with diabetes, seniors, and people who have already been diagnosed with hearing loss. It is important to be able to diagnose hearing loss early to do what we can to prevent it from getting worse.

It is also important to keep track of hearing loss to see if it has changed, so you can re-tune your hearing aids to help. It’s just like getting your eyes checked in case you need glasses with a new prescription!

Online Hearing Test

If you want a better idea of if you have a hearing loss before making an appointment, you can always take a free online hearing test. They only take a few minutes, a pair of headphones, and an internet connection on your computer or phone.

It is not as accurate as a full hearing test at a hearing clinic, but it will be able to determine if you show signs of hearing loss. If the online test results show you might have hearing loss, you can book an appointment at our clinics on Vancouver Island right away to get a full diagnosis.

You can try a free online hearing test here!


Different Types of Hearing Tests

Hearing or Audiometry tests can detect if you have sensorineural, conductive or mixed hearing loss. During the hearing exam, we may perform multiple types of hearing tests to get the best idea of your hearing loss. Some of the hearing tests may include the following:

  • Pure Tone Hearing Test — also known as Air Conduction Test, it is performed in a sound booth with headphones.
  • Bone Conduction Hearing Test — a small device is placed behind your ear to gently vibrate to tell how well you can hear in spite of excessive ear wax or blockages.
  • Acoustic Reflex Hearing Test — monitors the reflex that occurs when you are exposed to loud noises.
  • Tympanometry — tests your middle ear and mobility of the eardrum to determine if you have fluid in the ear, a middle ear infection, a tear in the eardrum, or other similar issues.
  • Standardized Speech Test — words are spoken to you and you are asked to repeat them back, working through the softest and loudest volumes you can hear.

If you have any questions about the different kinds of hearing tests and which would be better for you, please call us at any time.

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What is an Audiogram?

An audiogram is the word given to the chart that shows the results of your audiometry hearing test. The chart displays the pitches and volume that your ears are capable of hearing clearly so show if you have hearing loss, and the extent or nature of your hearing loss.

Our audiologists use the audiogram to show you the degree of hearing loss and the type of hearing loss you have in each ear. If you have any questions about the audiogram or how it works, feel free to ask our audiologist!

Tinnitus Test

Tinnitus is a hearing disorder characterized by hearing ringing or buzzing sounds in your ears. Tinnitus is not a disease, but is a sign of an underlying health condition that is causing the sounds to be present in your ear. There are different tests that can be done to try to find out what the underlying condition is causing the tinnitus for the individual.

We can discuss with you the different steps you can take to help reduce the severity of your tinnitus or to help you cope with the noise.

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